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Idunnu Studios is a creator of multicultural childrens' content. Our goal is to change the landscape of children's content by creating culturally inclusive, thought-provoking, and pedagogical products that NEVER compromise the fun factor but rather inspire kids while fully engaging them. 


Our books are written with what we like to call Idunnu Ideas. All the stories are crafted with each one of these essential concepts. Idunnu Ideas are at the core of our mission. They are tools with which we teach our readers. 

Excite. The Culture.

Our stories highlight a festivity or occasion that effectively depicts a genuine cultural experience in that country. Usually more traditional with a touch of modern, the events 

emphasize the

 importance and beauty of the culture.

Engage. The History. Our stories explore

noteworthy moments from the past; making it enjoyable to learn the history of the character’s country. The

 historical events are then tied back to the character’s current life, thereby making it relatable and engaging.

Ignite. The Foundation. Our stories invite you into the character's country and life. The reader is exposed to the character's relatable

personality traits, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, passions and fears while also learning how to navigate them.  

Inspire. The Skillset. 

Our stories 

specifically share and 


hobbies or disciplines

 less commonly 

found among girls and minorities (science, politics, entrepreneurship) and show them just how fun and exciting these underrepresented fields can be.

About the Founder.


Oladoyin Oladapo is a businesswoman and professional fun-haver. She loves to sing, dance and create stuff. When she’s not doing that, she’s watching Nigerian, Indian and Korean movies. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.