To the Alicias of the World, Thank You

At the end of 2016, we launched Girl the World (GTTW), our first series, and the response was overwhelming. As we launch new collections this year, I am reminded of when it all started. When I began working on GTTW, I spent 6 months at a local elementary school. Everyday, I would work with 200 children, trying to learn how to create stories that would educate and empower them. One day in the cafeteria, I found a student named Alicia crying because one of her classmates had made fun of her “ugly, nappy, hair”. I told Alicia her hair was beautiful but what I really wanted to do was show her. After 6 months of helping me create my story characters, Alicia told me that she wanted to be just like Akua, my Ghanaian character, specifically because of her “big, foxy, and beautifully nappy hair.” I was instantly reminded of the crying incident. On a small scale, I had achieved my goal for writing my children’s books; I had a positive impact in the life of a little girl, and I couldn't be happier. Today, a quote from Alicia is in the blurb on the back of my books. Her words and her eagerness to be a part of that story are an indelible reminder why I created Idunnu Studios. There are so many more Alicias out there, and I cannot wait to reach every last one of them.

Written by an Alicia <3

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